Sunbeam Cars in Popular Media

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One of the first mass-produced British roadsters, the very first Sunbeam vehicle was built over 100 years ago. Throughout the first two thirds of the 20th century, Sunbeam vehicles were used for racing, sold as recreational vehicles and marketed to an international audience. In light of everything these sleek roadsters had to offer, it should come as no surprise that they appeared in a variety of popular films and television series throughout the aforementioned time period.

The First Bond Car

Calling James Bond a pop culture icon would be an understatement. For over 50 years, audiences have flocked to their local cinemas to watch the debonair super-spy’s action-packed escapades. Bond is commonly associated with impeccable style, beautiful women, and cool cars. As it turns out, the Sunbeam Alpine was the very first “Bond car.” Appearing in 1962’s “Dr. No,” 007’s feature film debut, the Alpine saw James through his first big screen adventure.

Glen Evan’s Go-to Vehicle

The short-lived 1960s TV series “Hong Kong” prominently featured a Series One Alpine. Glen Evans, a news reporter with a penchant for sniffing out scoops, frequently used this vehicle to rush to and from crime scenes. Given the vehicle’s strong association with suave, fearless hero figures, it’s no wonder so this classic car dealer is on the hunt for Sunbeam Alpines.    

Maxwell Smart’s Preferred Auto

A Sunbeam Tiger was permanent fixture in the late-‘60s sitcom “Get Smart.” Series protagonist Maxwell Smart drove this snazzy little roadster throughout the series’ entire run. The very same Tiger was used in the show’s star-studded big screen revival in 2008.   

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