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Do you have a classic Fiat you’re looking to part with? If so, get in touch with Gullwing Motor Cars. Located in Astoria, NY, we specialize in buying and selling the vehicles of yesteryear. When searching for a suitable buyer for your Fiat, you certainly have options — but few of them are as convenient or beneficial to your financial bottom line as doing business with Gullwing. The following perks have made us a household name among classic car enthusiasts. 

We’re Not Picky

Some classic car dealers refuse to purchase vehicles that haven’t been meticulously maintained. Conversely, at Gullwing, we realize that not everyone has the time, money, and inclination to dote on classic cars. No matter what condition your Fiat is in, chances are we’ll be able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Just because a classic car hasn’t been consistently pampered doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a fair price.

We Provide Free Appraisals

A distinct air of snobbishness sometimes flows through many businesses that specialize in European classic cars. At dealerships like these, sellers are often charged for appraisals and made to feel as if they’re wasting the appraisers’ time. However, this is far from the case at Gullwing. Not only do we provide a warm, friendly atmosphere, we offer complimentary appraisals to anyone interested in selling classic vehicles.

We Offer Instant Payments

If you decide to sell us your Fiat, you’ll receive compensation on the spot. Whether you’d prefer to receive a check or have the money wired directly to your bank account, we’re happy to provide instant payments for every vehicle we purchase. 

As time wears on, the demand for classic Fiats only increases. To get the best possible deal for an old Fiat, get in touch with Gullwing Motor Cars. We realize the true value of these celebrated Italian automobiles — and we’re not afraid of paying sellers exactly what their cars are worth. 

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