Qualities to Look for in a Classic Car Buyer

classic car dealers
People part with classic vehicles for a variety of reasons. Even if they’ve poured years — or decades — into maintaining these cars, certain circumstances may facilitate the need to sell them. Some people simply want room to expand their classic car collections, while others need money for more pressing matters. Regardless of why you’ve chosen to bid farewell to a beloved classic vehicle, it’s in your best interest to find the right buyer. To ensure that your car winds up in the right hands, keep an eye out for the following qualities. 

Refusal to Give You the Runaround

When doing business with classic car dealers, it’s only natural to expect that you’ll be given the runaround. After all, many dealers are dead-set on paying as little as possible for classic vehicles, regardless of how much said vehicles are actually worth. Alternatively, NYC-based Gullwing Motor Cars is renowned for providing sellers with fantastic deals and not subjecting them to endless haggling. 

Appreciating the True Worth of the Vehicle

Some bad offers are a result of prospective buyers possessing a below-average understanding of classic vehicles. Since their knowledge of classic cars leaves much to be desired, they don’t really understand how much certain cars are actually worth. Fortunately, with its staff’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things auto-related, Gullwing Motor Cars is well-equipped to offer fair prices for any classic cars that come its way. 


If a prospective buyer has a genuine interest in purchasing your car, they should be willing to take time out of their schedule to come see the vehicle — as opposed to expecting you to bring it to them. Gullwing Motor Cars understands that there are thousands of classic car enthusiasts outside of the New York City area. As such, they’re happy to come to you and have a look at any classic autos you’re interested in selling.  

You’d be hard-pressed to find an automotive enthusiast who relishes saying goodbye to a classic vehicle. However, if circumstances dictate that you need to part ways with such a car, you may as well find a suitable buyer — and buyers don’t come more “suitable” than Gullwing Motor Cars. 


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