Cleaning Your Classic Car Part 2

Mercedes 190 SL
If you own classic or antique cars, you are well aware of the care needed to keep them running and looking great. Sometimes when caring for our cars we forget certain areas that need equal amounts of TLC. From our last post, we talked about the need to hand wash your classic car and why to keep it free from excessive moisture. Another aspect to remember about car care is keeping chrome elements adequately polished.

Polish Chrome Parts
If you really want your Mercedes 190 SL to pop, keep that chrome polished. Spending time buffing chrome accents will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your vehicle. There are buffing attachments you can find for most drills, or you can take your vintage cars to a car care professional to restore the look of chrome finishes.

Dust the Dashboard
The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior of your car. Clear dust from your dashboard and other hard finishes with a microfiber towel and the light will glisten from your car’s interior and exterior alike. Pay special attention to mirrors, radios, gauges, and even remember to dust hard-to-reach places.

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