Cleaning Your Classic Car Part 1

classic Mercedes
How do you care for a classic car? American and European classic cars require much more care than a used 2004 Ford Taurus. You will not want to take your Porsche 356 through an automatic car wash or have the local high school booster club clean your Mercedes 190 SL. The best thing to do when you need to wash your car is to take care of it yourself, by hand.

Hand wash
Seasoned classic car buyers will agree that the best way to wash your car is by hand. It may be a simple concept, but you cannot just use any cloths to wash your car. Make sure to use cleaning supplies that will not scratch or strip the paint of your car.

Avoid Moisture in Excess
Too much moisture can completely ruin a paint job. If you live in a humid climate, it’s a good idea to find proper dry storage for your car. Also, when you clean your car, make sure to completely dry your car off as excess water can lead to rust.

These are just two tips for keeping your classic car clean and in great condition. If you are interested in purchasing or selling American or European classic cars, contact Gullwing Motor Cars in Astoria, NY. Gullwing Motor Cars offers top dollar paid for classic and vintage cars in any condition, and can offer a finder’s fee to anyone who knows someone selling a classic. Visit or call 1-800-452-9910 for a quote on your classic car today.


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