Finding the Right Upholsterer for Your Car

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Do you need to reupholster your classic car? Before you do, here is some valuable advice to help you get started:

Research Your Shops – Instead of just choosing a random shop off the Internet, you should take time to research the shop before giving them your business. Read reviews on Angie’s List and other review websites, take a look at the pictures they have provided of their past upholstery jobs, and speak with other classic car collectors about the people they use for upholstery.

Figure Out Your Budget – It’s vital that you know about your budget ahead of time before you start the upholstery process. If you are a collector and money is no object, then go ahead and start setting up installations. If not, you should talk to upholsterers about your needs and get a quote for their services.

Don’t Skimp on the Materials – You should always use only the best materials available when you do upholstery on your classic vehicle. When you use cut-rate fabric, you may see damage to your seats within a year of installation. It’s a waste of money to use anything less.

From selling to buying, you can count on the team at Gullwing Motor Car to assist you with your classic car needs. We are dedicated classic car buyers who will offer you top dollar for your ride, as well as provide finder’s fees.


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