Get Your Ferrari in Order Before the Sale

classic Ferrari buyers
Selling any car is stressful, but selling a collectible vehicle is even more complicated. From making sure the car runs properly to getting the best price for your car possible, there are many steps you need to take to sell your car. Before you start the process, make sure you have done the following:

  • Get Your Paperwork Together – Ownership papers, service records, and any other relevant information should be together before you sell your car. This is important information that people who are purchasing your vehicle want to know.
  • Bring in Your Car for Maintenance – If you are looking to make money on your vehicle, it’s important that the little maintenance issues that you may have let coast is taken care of. Small scratches, parts that don’t work, and other issues could make a difference to some people.
  • Get Any Necessary Stock Additions You Have – Do you still have stock wheels, Ferrari tool kits, or any other stock parts that might be desirable? These additions could help increase the vehicle’s value.

Whether you have a perfect car, are just done with a project car, or have an old vehicle that has been sitting in a barn for years, the team at Gullwing Motor Cars is prepared to assist you. Our classic Ferrari buyers are ready to speak to you about your car. Call Peter Kumar and his staff today at (800) 452-9910. We are dedicated to making the selling process easy for you!


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