Why Gullwing Motors Is a Classic Car Seller’s Paradise

Gullwing Motors | GullwingMotor.com
Finding the right buyer for a classic vehicle is seldom easy. Despite having plenty of enthusiasm, a fair number of car collectors go to great lengths to avoid paying what a vehicle is actually worth. By selling any classic autos you’re looking to get part with to Gullwing Motors, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and hassle. 

We’re Not Picky

It practically goes without saying that well-maintained or mint-condition vehicles will earn you a larger sum than cars that have seen better days. However, that doesn’t mean Gullwing Motors only accepts classic vehicles that are in immaculate shape. Even if it’s a car you gave up working on mid-way through, we may be interested in taking it off your hands. No matter what condition your classic auto is in, chances are Gullwing will be able to take it off your hands and offer you a respectable price for it.

We Offer Finder’s Fees

Even if you’re not the vehicle’s owner, if you send someone with a sought-after classic car our way, we’re happy to offer you a generous finder’s fee. As time continues to move forward, a growing number of classic vehicles are becoming alarmingly scarce. That being the case, Gullwing appreciates any hot tips or eager sellers you send our way — and we’re willing to show that appreciation with a few bucks for your troubles. 

Your Locale Doesn’t Matter

Although Gullwing Motors is located in Astoria, NY, we realize that classic car enthusiasts are scattered all across the country. Regardless of whether or not you hail from the NYC area, we’re happy to do business with you. If you have a vehicle we’re interested in purchasing, your current locale is irrelevant.  

You’d be hard-pressed to find a car collector who regrets doing business with Gullwing Motors. As NYC’s premier buyer and purveyor of classic vehicles, we take tremendous pride in ensuring complete customer satisfaction with each transaction. 


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