3 Reasons to Sell Classic Cars to Gullwing Motors

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There are a variety of reasons why auto collectors part ways with classic vehicles. In some cases, unforeseen expenses crop up, facilitating the need to acquire a large sum of money in a short span of time. Space constraints may also prevent lifelong gear-heads from hanging onto certain vehicles i.e., in order to make room for more cars, certain autos have to go. Regardless of why you want to get rid of a classic vehicle, you can find a great buyer in Gullwing Motors.

1. Fair Pricing

The seasoned auto experts at Gullwing Motors are highly adept at determining how much a vehicle is worth, so anyone with classic European cars for sale would do well to get in touch with them. After these automotive aficionados have a chance to thoroughly inspect your vehicle, they’re liable to discover that it’s worth more than you initially thought.  

2. Easy to Contact

Selling a vehicle independently can be incredibly cumbersome. Playing phone tag with prospective buyers and arranging showings can eat up a sizable chunk your free time. Fortunately, this is far from the case when doing business with Gullwing Motors. If you have a classic car you’re willing to part with, call Gullwing’s toll-free 800-number or shoot us an email to set up a meeting.

3. Track Record of Fantastic Customer Service

Both car buyers and sellers agree that doing business with Gullwing Motors is an absolute pleasure. As the glowing testimonials found on Gullwing’s website indicate, customer service is not something this celebrated business takes lightly.  

For some collectors, saying goodbye to a cherished vehicle is downright heart-wrenching. For others, it elicits very little in the way of emotion. No matter how attached you are to a classic car, Gullwing Motors will see that you get exactly what the vehicle is worth without subjecting you to even an inkling of hassle.


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