European Cars in Film: BMW

BMWs are synonymous with only the best in German engineering. These vehicles are usually associated with social status, and that one has “made it” in the world. Not only are they a common site driving down the street or highway every day, I’m sure you’ve seen them quite a few times on the big screen when going to see blockbuster movies. Some of your favorite movies have featured BMWs and some of the biggest names in Hollywood have been behind the wheel.

Action films and chase scenes are perfect in showcasing the horsepower and handling of these fantastic chariots on four wheels. The 1995 E38 735i is featured heavily in 2002’s The Transporter, which features Jason Statham’s character Frank Martin getting things from one point to another with no questions asked. This leads to many high octane chase scenes that will get any adrenaline junkies heart racing. BMW actually developed their own series of short films called The Hire in 2001 and 2002. Like The Transporter these 8 short films featured Clive Owen being hired to get his clients or their property delivered safely to the destination of their choosing. It was able to showcase BMW’s line of exquisite vehicles to the public, and how they could outperform competitors.

These films and many others were a great way for BMW to place their vehicles into media so that the public can see just how great they can perform. Visit to select a BMW 3.0 cs for sale or browse our entire inventory of classy BMWs!


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