The Porsche 356: A Classic Sports Car

In 1946, the Porsche 356 became this renowned German automaker's first model. Porsche produced the vehicle in several different versions, including sleek coupes and convertibles.


A four-cylinder rear engine powers this attractive two-door auto. Depending on the year and edition, it generates a maximum of 40 to 155 horsepower. Some cars can reach speeds as high as 130 mph! All versions of the 356 offer four-speed manual transmissions. The Carerra edition has two ignition plugs per cylinder and replaces pushrods with overhead cams.


Porsche outfitted the 356 with a utilitarian metal dashboard. In addition to the basic gauges and indicators, a tachometer appears in the center of its instrument panel. The unmarked cigarette lighter delivers six-volt electrical power. Two people can ride comfortably in this car's low-back seats. A small trunk and folding rear seats provide enough storage space for most trips.

Before it replaced this model with the 911, Porsche sold over 82,000 units. Great performance and cute styling have made it popular among North American collectors today. If you would like to purchase or sell a Porsche 356, please call Gullwing Motor Cars at 800-452-9910. We buy classic autos from owners throughout the nation.


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