Aston Martin DB2 Facts, Features & History

A rare car with distinctive looks and a powerful engine, the Aston Martin DB2 appeals to many classic auto collectors. This attractive British coupe can travel at speeds up to 115 miles per hour. It has an intriguing history that began in the late 1940s, when David Brown bought Aston Martin and Lagonda.


Aston introduced this sports car's underpowered predecessor in 1948. Its model name included Brown's first and last initials. Unfortunately, the DB1 failed to sell in significant numbers. The spacious DB2 first appeared in 1950; it contained a larger engine that Aston borrowed from a Lagonda vehicle. After producing approximately 500 cars, the company replaced this model with the DB2/4 in 1953.


The Aston Martin DB2 boasts a six-cylinder engine that delivers 116 horsepower. It can easily reach 60 mph in about 11 seconds, according to the Los Angeles Times. While collectors can't expect to find power brakes or steering in this car, it features a tachometer, bucket seats and a manual transmission with four speeds.

Thanks to its impressive performance and styling, this fascinating vehicle occasionally fetches prices as high as $500,000! The DB2's value varies depending on its condition, model year and options. If you're interested in buying or selling this classic coupe, please contact Peter Kumar at  Gullwing Motor Cars at 800-452-9910. We perform free appraisals and purchase autos throughout the United States!


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