The Maserati: A Closer Look at the Classic

Many cars have gained near-legendary status due to their rarity, but vehicles like the Maserati  150S take the phenomenon to another level. With less than thirty units ever produced, this proposed replacement for the Maserati A6 GCS was only built for two years before being abandoned. 

This vehicle shared many chassis parts with the Maserati 200S, although it kept the rigid rear axle commonly associated with the earlier A6. 150S vehicles are instantly familiar for their sleek "Speed Racer" aesthetic and pronounced aerodynamic contours, which bore some similarity to the Maserati 300S vehicles. Their unique engine setups originated with the Tipo 53 project headed by famed Maserati designer Vittorio Bellantani, and their powerful drivetrains took advantage of boat engine technology to deliver 140 bhp at 7,500 rpm. 

So what happened to the Maserati 150S? Understand that as racing vehicles, these designs may have been doomed to limited life spans from the start. Although the majority had reportedly been sold to consumers, most probably ended up in the hands of collectors and connoisseurs. The 28 vehicles that were produced between 1955 and 1957 also vary in terms of body design and other external factors. While this may seem to make things more difficult for collectors in search of a Maserati 150S, such uniqueness could actually raise the worth of surviving vehicles.


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